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Trump Obamacare Explained

Trump Obamacare Explained Videos

Obamacare: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Congressional Republicans could soon vote to repeal Obamacare. John Oliver explores why their replacement plans are similar to a thong. Connect with Last ...

2017-02-27 18:53 6,875,893 YouTube

Understanding Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's Health Care Reform Proposals

In which John Green compares the healthcare plans of U.S. Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. For more information about health and ...

2016-10-18 09:40 551,476 YouTube

Obamacare Takes a Price Hike: The Daily Show

The Obama administration announces double-digit premium hikes for the Affordable Care Act, and Trevor diagnoses the problem. Watch full episodes of The ...

2016-10-28 08:59 1,175,701 YouTube

Obamacare in Trump country

We travel to Whitley County in Kentucky to find out why people who benefited most from Obamacare would vote for Donald Trump. Some thought that Trump ...

2017-01-17 10:21 1,125,103 YouTube

The Bill That Was Killed: Trumpcare Explained

An overview of the failed bill, Trumpcare, also known as Ryancare or the American Health Care Act, AHCA. A teacherly explanation of how the AHCA would ...

2017-03-21 13:30 8,041 YouTube


Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, Donald Trump is a man who likes to see results. He said he was gonna make Republicans repeal and replace Obamacare, and ...

2017-04-23 04:15 0 Dailymotion

President Trump Says Obamacare Will Die 'Far Sooner' Without 'Big Money'

President Trump tweeted Sunday morning that Obamacare is in "serious trouble."...

2017-04-23 00:51 1 Dailymotion

Obamacare: Les pro-Trump espèrent une meilleure loi sur la santé

Donald Trump a été contraint, vendredi, de retirer son projet de réforme du système de santé, faute de majorité. Loin de Washington, aux confins de la Pen...

2017-03-27 02:20 96,628 Dailymotion

'Repeal and replace': Donald Trump signs order to 'ease burden of Obamacare'

On Friday night, just after his inauguration, President-elect Donald Trump signed the executive order as the new administration and Congress are working to repe...

2017-04-10 01:30 5 Dailymotion

PDF [FREE] DOWNLOAD Rich Is Not a Four-Letter Word: How to Survive Obamacare, Trump Wall Street,

FAVORITE BOOK Rich Is Not a Four-Letter Word: How to Survive Obamacare, Trump Wall Street, Kick-start Your Retirement, and Achieve Financial Success Gerri Willi...

2017-04-13 00:35 0 Dailymotion