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This Is Us - When Jack and Rebecca First Met... (Episode Highlight)

Two blind dates give way to... love at first sight? » Subscribe for More: » Watch Full Episodes Free: ...

2017-03-15 04:29 27,478 YouTube

This Is Us - A Father/Son Initiation (Episode Highlight)

Jack shows Randall that he's willing to carry him through life - no matter what. Share this moment using #ThisIsUs. » Subscribe for More: ...

2016-11-30 04:32 149,383 YouTube

5 Fan Theories About Jack's This Is Us Death

More Celebrity News ▻▻ For fans of NBC's 'This Is Us' Jack Pearson's death has been a mystery since episode five. We know he ...

2017-03-05 04:14 25,119 YouTube

This Is Us - Aftershow: Episode 16 (Digital Exclusive)

Sterling K. Brown and Ron Cephas Jones sit down for a no-holds-barred deep dive on the episode that broke your heart, "Memphis." » Subscribe for More: ...

2017-02-22 07:33 80,056 YouTube

'This Is Us': The 11 Most Gut-Wrenching Moments That Made Us Cry This Season (So Far)

More from Entertainment Tonight: The NBC drama isn't afraid of tugging at our heartstrings.

2016-12-08 02:46 134,718 YouTube

Vidéo : This Is Us : le casting de la nouvelle série évènement fait sensation sur red carpet !

Elle a déjà été renouvelée jusqu’en 2019 ! À peine sa première saison achevée, This Is Us est déjà assurée de pousser son histoire......

2017-03-15 01:14 10 Dailymotion

Is Beyonce Telling Us the Sex of Her Babies in this Pic?

Beyonce is known for dropping hints about upcoming news, releases, babies, you name it, through pics on her Instagram. Susana Victoria Perez (@susana_vp) has mo...

2017-03-14 01:03 20 Dailymotion

How 'This Is Us' gets you to cry every week

If you're watching NBC's breakout hit "This Is Us," chances are you are also crying a lot....

2017-03-13 01:33 10 Dailymotion

'This Is Us': The 13 Most Devastating Moments of the Season,

This Is Us is a tearjerker. After a season filled with laughs, ugly cries and devastating twists, NBC's breakout hit gave audiences everything it could handle. ...

2017-03-17 00:56 1,314 Dailymotion

[Download Full] One Direction: This is Us Movie HD-720p

Download Full Movie : ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US is a captivating and intimate all-access look at life on the road for...

2017-03-27 01:17 0 Dailymotion