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Taboo Tattoo Episode 1 English Sub

2016-08-02 18:26 260,710 YouTube

Taboo Tattoo Episode 2 English Sub

2016-08-02 18:30 99,329 YouTube

Taboo Tattoo Episode 3 English Sub

Taboo Tattoo.

2016-09-19 20:04 96,128 YouTube

Taboo Tattoo Episode 6 English Sub

Taboo Tattoo.

2016-09-19 20:05 65,311 YouTube


2016-10-22 23:45 56,030 YouTube

Taboo-Tattoo OP


2016-07-04 01:30 6,783 Dailymotion

[anyanime] Taboo Tattoo -12 END [HD][]


2016-09-19 23:51 2,680 Dailymotion

[anyanime] Taboo Tattoo - 11 [HD][]


2016-09-12 24:06 2,387 Dailymotion

[anyanime] Taboo Tattoo - 09 [HD][]


2016-08-29 24:06 2,087 Dailymotion

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Seigi is just your average middle school student with nothing remarkable about him except for his devotion to (and proficiency in) martial arts and a compulsion to protect the weak inherited from his martial arts master grandfather and his policeman father.

The ninth volume of the series Taboo-Tattoo from Shinjiro has arrived this week in Japan and it contains a wraparound that reveals that the series will be getting an anime adaptation. Not surprisingly, there’s no actual details on it, but for fans of ...

Taboo Tattoo is an action oriented, supernatural anime that was brought to us by producers J.C.Staff. When Taboo Tattoo was announced that it was getting an anime adaptation, it had all the promise in the world with Takashi Watanabe at the helm ...

Review copy provided by Yen Press. One of Taboo Tattoo volume 1’s most standout scenes is, as the main character is chasing down a girl who swiped his phone, his childhood friend finds a recipe for a complicated curry dish. The main character is ...

So when I first stumbled upon this anime, I just dismissed it as another action/ecchi anime. Well I didn’t look at the details but after a certain review here, I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did give this a second chance because to put it ...

So is it a taboo if we talk about the tattoo, or does the tattoo’s taboo not go that far? Earlier today, the official Taboo Tattoo anime website updated with a new promotional video. The 2-minute teaser introduces the show’s cast while providing an ...

An anime adaptation of Shinjiro's hit seinen manga series "Taboo Tattoo" has been on the cards for quite some time now. After being postponed for over a year, the power-packed series will finally make its television debut on July 5, 2016. Produced by the ...

I have secretly wanted a Southern Cross tattoo for decades, and I defy anyone in 2014 not to think the worst of me for that. My daughters certainly won't let me get one. Neither will my sons. From larrikinism and individuality to racist slogans: The ...