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Taboo Tattoo Episode 1 English Sub

2016-08-02 18:26 153,349 YouTube

Taboo Tattoo Episode 2 English Sub

2016-08-02 18:30 59,927 YouTube

Taboo Tattoo Episode 3 English Sub

Taboo Tattoo.

2016-09-19 20:04 40,808 YouTube

Taboo Tattoo Episode 6 English Sub

Taboo Tattoo.

2016-09-19 20:05 29,026 YouTube


2016-10-22 23:45 17,184 YouTube

Taboo-Tattoo OP


2016-07-04 01:30 6,469 Dailymotion

【PV】 Taboo Tattoo PV


2016-06-21 02:06 128 Dailymotion

[anyanime] Taboo Tattoo - 11 [HD][]


2016-09-12 24:06 2,082 Dailymotion

[anyanime] Taboo Tattoo - 09 [HD][]


2016-08-29 24:06 2,028 Dailymotion

タブー・タトゥー 11話「掌上」[Taboo-Tattoo] HD

タブー・タトゥー 11話「掌上」[Taboo-Tattoo] HD...

2016-09-12 24:15 3,546 Dailymotion

Taboo Tattoo News

Taboo Tattoo tells us the story of Justice Akatsuka, known to his friends as Seigi-kun, who is a young boy skilled in martial arts. Seigi lives up to his name, always trying to protect the weak and do what he feels is just. One day, he saves an old man ...

Seigi is just your average middle school student with nothing remarkable about him except for his devotion to (and proficiency in) martial arts and a compulsion to protect the weak inherited from his martial arts master grandfather and his policeman father.

The ninth volume of the series Taboo-Tattoo from Shinjiro has arrived this week in Japan and it contains a wraparound that reveals that the series will be getting an anime adaptation. Not surprisingly, there’s no actual details on it, but for fans of ...

Most anime strive to avoid cliches like the plague. Taboo Tattoo is not one of them. The new anime from JC Staff is completely shameless in using every trope, cliche, and stereotype known to anime. Take a step back to 2005 as we look at every anime sin ...

The "fate" series as its known is one of the most popular franchises yielding light novels, anime adaptations in different iterations, and manga series. Some fans would perhaps argue that the best part of the "fate" series is best girl Saber. This is made ...

An English language version of the manga is published by Yen Press, who describe Taboo Tattoo as follows: "By all accounts, middle schooler Seigi is pretty unremarkable except for his martial arts prowess and a desire to protect the weak. But when his good ...

An anime adaptation of Shinjiro's hit seinen manga series "Taboo Tattoo" has been on the cards for quite some time now. After being postponed for over a year, the power-packed series will finally make its television debut on July 5, 2016. Produced by the ...

Directed by Takahi Watanabe (Freezing, Heavy Objects), Taboo-Tattoo will air this July. About Operation Rainfall Contributor A contributor is somebody who occasionally contributes to the oprainfall website but is not considered an oprainfall author.