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Il 19 settembre durante AlpenFest a Livigno ospite d'eccezione Natalia Estrada.

2015-09-29 03:23 29,199 YouTube


NATALIA ESTRADA balletto tratto da Anima mia 1997.

2013-04-25 02:02 45,559 YouTube

NATALIA ESTRADA - Con Il cuore si fa l'amore !!!

ADOOOOROOOOOOO !!!! La nataliona che canta la sigla del 1999 de LA SAI L'ULTIMA !!!

2012-07-05 02:21 48,161 YouTube

Natalia Estrada parla della sua nuova vita

2015-09-17 05:05 7,514 YouTube

Natalia Estrada - Entrevista en Ja Hi Som 1/4

Natalia Estrada - Entrevista en Ja Hi Som 1/4.

2009-07-04 07:56 16,427 YouTube

Natalia Estrada IL CICLONE

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2016-12-29 00:44 1,644 Dailymotion

Natalia Estrada - Hostal Royal Manzanares


2010-11-23 00:20 22,024 Dailymotion

Natalia Estrada

Il video è realizzato per omaggiare la bellezza delle ragazze italiane senza scopi di lucro o pubblicita. Grazie per la visione....

2012-12-10 00:40 16,683 Dailymotion

Natalia Estrada - Noche Magica (Sigla 'La Sặἳ L'Ultimặ' - C5 - 2000)

Pagina FB:

2016-08-16 01:58 1,084 Dailymotion

Natalia Estradặ - Disco Congặ (Sigla 'La Sặἳ L'Ultimặ' - C5 - 2001)

Pagina FB:

2016-08-16 02:29 1,198 Dailymotion

Natalia Estrada News

After senior Natalia Estrada was badly hurt in a hit and run near Garland High School in January, parent Emily Coker was sympathetic. But the concern turned to outrage a few weeks later when Caleb Burge was hit in the same crosswalk. “It lit me on fire ...

She is among Italy and Spain's biggest celebrities, with a combined career as a model, actress, and dancer. Don't bother telling us that "everyone is beautiful". That's la-la-land. The reality is that a Ferrari is a nicer car than a Geo Metro, no matter ...

An 18-year-old woman was injured in a hit-and-run Monday morning, Garland police said. Natalia Estrada was crossing the street in the 300 block of South Garland Avenue, near Garland High School, when she was struck by a truck, police said. The driver of ...

When someone in Garland has been hurt in a pedestrian accident, the injuries are often devastating and sometimes fatal. It is important for a pedestrian accident victim to get information about their rights and options. And after a fatal accident, family ...

Police say 18-year-old Natalia Estrada was crossing Garland Road around six o’clock Monday morning when a vehicle hit her. Garland police say Natalia had a broken leg and is still at Parkland hospital. One nearby business sits right in front of the busy ...

GARLAND (CBSFDW) – After nearly three weeks in the trauma center, 18-year-old Natalia Estrada is leaving. Today she moves to an in-patient rehab facility to start physical therapy. “She’s thankful to be moving since activity is restricted in the ...

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And, in the tiny Humboldt County town of Willow Creek: Bigfoot. In fact, the mythical creature has its own annual festival there. The California Report's intern Natalia Estrada went to check it out. Reporter: Natalia Estrada