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Laura Ingraham Show 1/20/17 | Paul Violis welcomes Cyber Security Expert

Laura Ingraham Show 1/20/17 | Guest Host Paul Violis welcomes Cyber Security Expert Drew Donofrio and Author Michael Barone.

2017-01-20 03:42 1,430 YouTube

Laura Ingraham Show 1/19/17 | Bureau on Democratic party: "It's a leadership crisis"

Laura Ingraham Show 1/19/17 | Sen. David Perdue - Senator from Georgia: "What do we want? Institutionalized failures up here running our government?

2017-01-19 58:03 2,296 YouTube

Laura Ingraham Show 1/4/17 | Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox News

Laura Ingraham Show 1/4/17 | Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox News CNBC Host: 'Obamacare Has Hurt The Economy; No Doubt In My Mind' Dem Rep.: 'You Can't ...

2017-01-04 58:28 3,473 YouTube

Laura Ingraham Show 1/6/17 | Sen. Rand Paul on budget and debt

Laura Ingraham Show 1/6/17 | Sen. Rand Paul - Republican Senator from Kentucky on budget and debt: you have to look at entitlements, entitlements are 2/3 of ...

2017-01-06 01:14 1,629 YouTube

Laura Ingraham Show 1/5/17 | Presidential candidate and Senator from Pennsylvania

Rick Santorum - Former Presidential candidate and Senator from Pennsylvania. On Chicago attack video: This is a culmination of a lot of things that have been ...

2017-01-05 58:45 2,410 YouTube

How to Pronounce Laura Ingraham

Learn how to say Laura Ingraham with EmmaSaying free pronunciation tutorials. Care to show your support? Give me some love ......

2017-01-15 01:01 0 Dailymotion

Laura Ingraham 1 by 1 - Episode 26 Preview

Laura Ingraham 1 by 1 - Episode 26 PreviewNeed new clothes ?

2016-06-16 01:55 4 Dailymotion

Laura Ingraham on Another Bush In The White House - 4/26/13

Laura Ingraham on Another Bush In The White House - 4/26/13Need new shirts, get it at

2016-06-10 02:18 0 Dailymotion

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Last week, radio talk show host and avowed nativist Laura Ingraham announced that she was considering a run for United State Senate. She is considering the Senate seat currently held by former Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine. This is her announcement ...

He did not see Spicer as particularly telegenic and preferred a woman for the position, asking Conway to do it and also considering conservative commentators Laura Ingraham and Monica Crowley — who ultimately stepped down from an administration job ...

Former Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele said during an interview Monday on “The Laura Ingraham Show” that he is “very concerned” over leaks coming from within President Donald Trump’s transition team and new administration.

Talk radio host Laura Ingraham confirmed Tuesday she is testing the waters for a run for Virginia’s Senate seat, setting up what could be a marquee matchup against Sen. Tim Kaine, Democrats’ 2016 vice presidential nominee. Ms. Ingraham has been an ...

WASHINGTON — Conservative radio host and Fox News regular Laura Ingraham is considering a run against Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), she told Fox & Friends Tuesday morning. Ingraham, one of Fox News' top Donald Trump boosters throughout the campaign who was in ...

.@IngrahamAngle announces she is considering a Senate run in Virginia challenging Sen. Tim Kaine — FOX & friends (@foxandfriends) January 17, 2017 Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham on Tuesday said she is considering ...

Hahn was a producer for Laura Ingraham's chat show before moving to Breitbart in 2015. Unlike some Jewish Breitbart writers, Hahn has not attempted to counter the charges of anti-Semitism thrown at the site after fellow contributor Ben Shapiro left a year ago.

Conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham is thinking about challenging Tim Kaine for his U.S. Senate seat, she confirmed Tuesday Morning. Kaine was Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's running mate last year. He will have to marshal his ...