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Juliet Huddy, Kerry Drew, Teresa Priolo, Ines Rosales & Rosanna Scotto (9-07-16)

Juliet Huddy, Kerry Drew, Teresa Priolo, Ines Rosales & Rosanna Scotto (9-07-16)

2016-09-08 02:13 4,405 YouTube

Juliet Huddy & Kerry Drew (6-23-16)

Juliet Huddy & Kerry Drew (6-23-16)

2016-06-23 00:48 4,246 YouTube

Young Juliet Huddy

Young Juliet Huddy; early Fox days.

2014-05-19 01:18 10,871 YouTube

Juliet Huddy's cruise

Good Day Early Call co-anchor Juliet Huddy visited several locations in Europe during her recent cruise.

2014-09-24 02:27 47,213 YouTube

Juliet huddy fox news | juliet huddy photos | who is juliet huddy | juliet huddy bill o reilly

Juliet huddy fox news | juliet huddy photos | who is juliet huddy | juliet huddy bill o reilly After Fox was rocked by a series of sexual harassment claims last year, ...

2017-01-11 10:12 816 YouTube

Juliet Huddy Legs and in the Pool

Classic Juliet Huddy Legs Clip as well as a clip of her pushed into a pool...

2012-09-03 01:08 3,640 Dailymotion

Juliet Huddy Hot Red Dress

Hot Juliet Huddy showing off her great legs in a hot red dress!...

2012-12-05 06:02 4,010 Dailymotion

Juliet Huddy ( My Last Klassic Klip )


2013-02-26 03:14 1,289 Dailymotion

Juliet Huddy Vintage


2013-02-26 01:51 269 Dailymotion

The Best of Juliet Huddy!

The Best of Juliet Huddy!...

2015-08-22 06:33 36 Dailymotion

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A deal was also made with Fox News personality Juliet Huddy, who alleged Bill O’Reilly, the network’s top rated host, assaulted her. Both Ailes and O’Reilly deny any wrongdoing. Image Courtesy of Voice of America In late February, Fox settled for $ ...

Greta van Susteren isn’t the only female to pull up anchor at Fox News this week. My old pal Juliet Huddy left, too. She went abruptly from her latest post at Fox 5 New York. She’d been with the network for two decades. Huddy had been a star at the Fox ...

Last Tuesday, a speech being given by NY City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was shut down when Brown University students, protesting NY City's "stop and frisk" policy, drowned him out. The event was grist for Greg Gutfeld, Bill O'Reilly, and Brain Brian ...

Juliet Huddy left Fox News in September after being at the network since 1998. Months later, it has emerged that she reached a settlement with the network over claims of sexual harassment from Bill O’Reilly, the network’s most popular host. Huddy, who ...

The American TV reporter Juliet Huddy works at the Fox News Channel where she currently runs Fox 5’s Good Day Early Show. The 46 year old television journalist was married to Doug Barret with whom her marriage lasted only for five months. Juliet Huddy ...

Former Fox News personality Juliet Huddy contended in a letter from her lawyers sent to Fox News last August that her opportunities at the company ended in retaliation because she refused sexual advances by Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly that began in 2011.

Around the same time that Roger Ailes stepped down from his role as Fox News’ CEO in July amid Gretchen Carlson‘s sexual harassment lawsuit, the network had been quietly negotiating another sexual misconduct allegation — this time against host Bill ...

21st Century Fox quietly paid a “high six figure” sum to former Fox anchor Juliet Huddy following allegations of sexual harassment against Fox News’s biggest star Bill O’Reilly. LawNewz reports the settlement occurred before any lawsuit was filed ...