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Harriet Tubman Video

Harriet Tubman Video Videos

What You Never Knew About Harriet Tubman

One of our nation's greatest heroes, Harriet Tubman led slaves north to freedom via secret paths and waterways, but her skills also made her a valuable military ...

2014-05-16 02:51 151,670 YouTube

Harriet Tubman Music Video

"Got To Be Free"

2012-01-12 05:28 40,160 YouTube

Harriet Tubman ch. 13-14

Explore the Underground Railroad while learning about this great woman from history who had the faith and courage to follow God's plan and dared to do right.

2011-01-06 05:38 127,621 YouTube

HARRIET TUBMAN - A Kid Explains History, Episode 13

Harriet Tubman lived a long, important life and saved thousands of people from a life of slavery. Mister Q wants to tell you how she did it and explain why there ...

2016-02-04 04:21 72,264 YouTube

Mini Bio: Harriet Tubman

Watch a mini biography of legendary Underground Railroad conductor Harriet Tubman, who routinely put herself in danger to guide thousands of slaves to ...

2015-07-28 02:47 21,124 YouTube

Black History Harriet Tubman Glenville

Black History Harriet Tubman Glenville...

2015-08-01 02:46 4 Dailymotion

Black Moses Barbie (Harriet Tubman Commercial) (1 of 3)

Black Moses Barbie (Harriet Tubman Commercial) (1 of 3)...

2015-08-10 01:14 21 Dailymotion

A Woman Called Moses - Harriet Tubman

Need new clothes ?

2015-04-26 01:05 124 Dailymotion

Animated Hero Classics: Harriet Tubman on DVD

Animated Hero Classics: Harriet Tubman on DVD...

2015-04-09 02:21 490 Dailymotion

Harriet Tubman ch. 13-14

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2015-05-18 05:37 53 Dailymotion