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Ellen Barkin Talks Twitter

Subscribe to our channel: Ellen Barkin, who is new to Twitter, admits to having no filter.

2011-11-21 01:54 3,864 YouTube

Ellen Barkin Twitter Profanity Rant

Actress Ellen Barkin appearing in a show called The New Normal may proven herself to be anything but, it seems as though she has lost control of her mental ...

2012-07-23 02:20 674 YouTube

Ellen Barkin Rants About The NYPD On Twitter

Ellen Barkin was apparently man-handled by the New York cops on New Year's Eve while she was with her boyfriend Sam Levinson. She then ranted about the ...

2012-01-04 01:24 944 YouTube

Craig Ferguson 11/9/11D Late Late Show Ellen Barkin XD

Craig chats & squirms with Ellen Barkin from "Another Happy Day"...YIKES! Daddy on the chick hot seat. Blush-o-rama.

2011-11-19 08:49 41,105 YouTube

Ellen Barkin feuds with Fox News

HLN's Joy Behar talks with Ellen Barkin about getting in trouble for slamming Fox News and GOP candidates on Twitter.

2011-11-14 03:40 24,680 YouTube

"The Normal Heart" Tony Winners Ellen Barkin and Joe Mantello Spread the Word of Kramer Tony nominee Ellen Barkin explains why playing Dr. Brookner in "The Normal Heart" may be the role she is most proud of in her ......

2017-01-26 02:36 0 Dailymotion

Ellen Barkin & Sam Levinson talk 'Another Happy Day'

Ellen Barkin and Sam Levinson sit down with MakingOf to talk 'Another Happy Day'.Watch more at

2012-05-14 11:37 857 Dailymotion

2011 Tony Winner Ellen Barkin Proudly Rages Against the Machine Ellen Barkin, winner of the 2011 Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Play, talks about witnessing the original production of...

2017-01-24 01:21 0 Dailymotion

Preview: Ellen Barkin critiques her looks

In a preview of an interview with Erin Moriarty, airing this weekend on "Sunday Morning," the Tony and Emmy Award-winning actress Ellen Barkin gives a colorful ...

2013-09-27 01:03 716 Dailymotion

Switch Lorraine Bracco Ellen Barkin


2007-12-04 02:08 35,203 Dailymotion

Ellen Barkin Twitter News

Tony and Golden Globe award-winning actress Ellen Barkin has immersed herself in a curious new role as a drunken, foul-mouthed Twitter newcomer who loves all of her new true friends. Barkin -- or someone posing as her -- opened a Twitter account Thursday ...

18 hours ago, something magical happened. Likeable Ellen Barkin, star of Ocean’s Thirteen, Broadway’s recent critically lauded production of The Normal Heart (and mother or two) decided to get a twitter account. Over the next half a day, that has ...

"New Normal" star Ellen Barkin stopped by “Chelsea Lately” and talked about her obsession with Twitter. But unfortunately she's not very good at using it, often embarrassingly so. Barkin told Chelsea about her most recent social media snafu. She ...

"I do tweet a lot," Ellen Barkin told Vulture last night, in what has to be the understatement of the year. The actress-producer has become famous over the last month for her prolific, enjoyable, foulmouthed Twitter feed, and at the Boom Boom Room party ...

So I’ve done the dirty work, scoured the spectacle, and chronologically compiled the best of Ellen Barkin’s Twitter adventure thus far. If you’re at all concerned about your boss looking over your shoulder and thinking you’re following a foul ...

Much to my surprise, it seems that George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin's wedding is actually happening this weekend. It isn't surprising that they're actually getting married, but rather that they seem to be pretty open about the fact the festivities are ...

Ellen Barkin’s Twitter account is a work of art. She uses the F-bomb the way Picasso used his paintbrush. Namely often and sometimes in confusing ways. How can you not love this lady?

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