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David Bowie EYES ANOMALIE IN HD (interview 1973)

David Bowie EYES ANOMALIE IN HD (interview 1973)

2012-07-12 01:44 22,171 YouTube

David Bowie's best friend on the punch-up that changed his eye colour

David Bowie's lifelong friend George Underwood remembers the music icon and tells the story of how a teenage punch-up changed the singer's appearance ...

2016-01-11 02:03 11,024 YouTube

David Bowie - 10 facts in 60 seconds

The renowned musician and artist passed away on January 10th 2016. Here at Scenes of Reason we wanted to pay tribute by presenting 10 facts you may not ...

2016-01-11 01:02 3,397 YouTube

David Bowie explains why his pupils look different (1987)

During a 1987 italian interview backstage, David Bowie explains what happened that made his eyes to look different each other.

2016-02-05 00:23 820 YouTube

David Bowie eyes

On hearing of the tragic passing of David Bowie on the 11th January, I suddenly realised that we have the same eyes - one of our pupils is constantly dialated ...

2016-01-11 01:17 1,687 YouTube

Watch 3-Day-Old Penguin Chick Named David Bowie Open Its Eyes

Just days before David Bowie passed away, a newborn penguin at the Cincinnati Zoo was given his name. "Bowie" the blue penguin was born on Friday, two days befo...

2016-01-12 01:13 4 Dailymotion

"Blackstar" : le dernier clip de David Bowie

Blackstar est le vingt-cinquième album studio de David Bowie. La sortie est prévue le 8 janvier 2016....

2015-12-31 10:00 25,094 Dailymotion

David Bowie "America" 9/11 Concert for NYC at MSG Oct01


2016-01-12 04:33 18,691 Dailymotion

Une chorale de 500 personnes rend hommage à David Bowie

Après la disparition tragique du chanteur David Bowie le 10 janvier dernier quelques jours après son 69ème anniversaire, 500 personnes se sont joints à la c...

2016-01-20 06:27 12,141 Dailymotion

David Bowie Eyes News

David Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones sent out a tweet looking to help find a home for a shelter pup that’s named after his iconic Dad. The adorable mutt even has the mismatched eyes that became part of Bowie’s trademark look. Who could resist this face?

Fester the one-year-old puppy was abandoned by his owner and found wandering the streets as a stray. He was born with a narrow jaw which causes his lower teeth to protrude more than they normally would. And the bouncy pup also has one dark and one light ...

As comedian and actor Ricky Gervais recently said: “How can anyone abandon a beautifully loyal dog? It’s not an accessory, it’s your f—ing best friend.” Sadly, he’s right. Each year, thousands of dogs and cats each year are turned into the BC ...

Maybe you’ve heard the song, ‘Bette Davis Eyes.’ Well, here’s a dog who has ‘David Bowie eyes’, who has been waiting for a home for six months, and the rescue, Dogs Trust, in West London, simply can’t understand why no one looks at him twice.

Famed Vanity Fair photographer Annie Liebovitz, who made headlines in 2009 both for her notorious photo shoot with tween celebrity Miley Cyrus and for her personal financial struggles, may have some equally high-profile buyers for her estate in Rhineback.

A STRAY boxer has become one of Britain’s most striking rescue dogs thanks to his odd eyes and protruding jaw. Fester was born with a narrow jaw which causes his lower teeth to stick out One-year-old Fester was found abandoned and wandering the streets ...

This glamour puss, with her 'David Bowie eyes', has appeared on the glossy pages of world-famous fashion magazine Vogue. The feline has one green and one blue eye, a bit like the late rock legend’s mismatched eye colours. And Starina Esperenza Silvaz has ...

This a heartwarming story about Welsh sheepdog Teg’s journey to become a herder of sheep – and have her first Tango in Monmouthshire This a heartwarming story about Welsh sheepdog Teg’s journey to become a herder of sheep – and have her first Tango ...