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Amber Rose comes in for an interview… So why do we feel like the ones in the hot seat!?

2017-04-24 04:52 2,052 YouTube

It's Going Down! Cardi B Threatens To Beat Amber Rose

Love and Hip Hop Star Cardi B always speaks her mind, and she is known for that. Recently, she took a shot at Amber Rose. It is crazy to think that Cardi B and ...

2017-04-23 05:37 11,512 YouTube

Cardi B WARNS Amber Rose to stop dating Offset Migos: "Don't play the victim when I press you!"

Cardi B is not having it from Amber Rose suddenly going for Offset.

2017-04-22 02:11 13,858 YouTube

Amber Rose "Shows Wiz Khalifa What He's Missing Sets Thirst Trap At Dance Studio"


2017-03-20 01:31 111,193 YouTube

Chris Brown's twerking Amber Rose at Supper Club

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2015-01-25 11:25 66,081 YouTube

Amber Rose bronze sans le haut à la plage à Maui

Amber Rose a trouvé une plage où elle peut bronzer sans le haut à Maui. Regardez-la en vacances au paradis....

2015-03-27 01:03 36,224 Dailymotion

Amber Rose & Blac Chyna -- Baby Mamas' Night Out ... At the Strip Club!

Amber Rose & Blac Chyna -- Baby Mamas' Night Out ... At the Strip Club!Amber Rose & Blac Chyna -- Baby Mamas' Night Out ... At the Strip Club!Amber Rose & Blac ...

2015-03-11 00:52 1,566 Dailymotion

Topless Amber Rose takes a steamy shower

Hip hop artist Amber Rose is clearly still enjoying the single life, as she teases her Instagram followers with a very sexy shower snap....

2015-01-19 00:49 81,847 Dailymotion

Amber Rose Opens Up About Wiz Khalifa, Machine Gun Kelly

Amber Rose opens up to Larry King about the state of her relationship with Wiz Khalifa - including that recent Instagram post - and finally addresses the rumor ...

2015-06-18 02:45 30,299 Dailymotion

Amber Rose Lashes Out More Thorns Against Khloe Kardashian

Amber Rose tweeted out more insults towards Khloe Kardashian and her family, this time referencing the rumor that Khloe's biological father is O.J. Simpson, and...

2015-02-17 01:01 110,571 Dailymotion