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Yahoo to be renamed 'Altaba'

Yahoo said that it would rename itself Altaba Inc and Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer would step down from the board after the closing of its deal with ...

2017-01-10 01:10 1,570 YouTube

Verizon to buy Yahoo and rename it Altaba

Half of Yahoo's board of directors will step down. The other half will move on to run Altaba for Verizon. Learn more about this story at ...

2017-01-10 00:45 1,088 YouTube

Yahoo to be Renamed Altaba Following $4.8 Billion Verizon Acquisition

Last July, Verizon announced its plan to acquire Yahoo's core internet assets for $4.8 billion. That was until Yahoo told the world they had been hacked, twice.

2017-01-11 01:54 459 YouTube

Technology news January 10th 2017 Insider preview Yahoo Verizon Apple Altaba and more

Latest Technology news Tuesday January 10th 2017.

2017-01-10 06:10 387 YouTube

Yahoo changing its name to Altaba

The name is a combination of the words "alternate" and "Alibaba." Alibaba is a company in which Yahoo has a major stake.

2017-01-10 00:22 312 YouTube

Yahoo превратится в Altaba после сделки с Verizon

Yahoo! сменит название на Altaba, а гендириктор Марисса Майер и еще несколько топ-менеджеров ...

2017-01-10 00:35 0 Dailymotion

Yahoo se llamará Altaba y su directora Marissa Mayer se irá cuando Verizon compre el resto

Yahoo cambiará su nombre por el de Altaba y su directora general, Marissa Mayer, dejará el cargo una vez culminada la absorción por parte de Verizon. El que ...

2017-01-10 00:35 6 Dailymotion

RetroEuskal: Ciro Altabas HOBBY :: Euskal16

Entrevista al director de cortos Ciro Altabás que presentó en Euskal Encounter su último trabajo titulado HOBBY y que tuvo una gran acogida en su proyección...

2008-11-17 02:57 967 Dailymotion

Altaba lesz a Yahoo-ból

Nevet változtat a Yahoo miután a fő internetes üzletágát felvásárolja a Verizon. A cég új neve Altaba lesz. Változás lesz a cégvezetésben is, lemo...

2017-01-10 00:35 1 Dailymotion

Addio Yahoo. Si chiamerà Altaba (e perderà Marissa Mayer)

Hacker permettendo, Yahoo coronerà la cessione delle sue attività internet a Verizon, prendendo il nome di Altaba e separandosi dall’amministratore delegato...

2017-01-10 00:35 44 Dailymotion

Altaba News

Yahoo released a succession plan Monday for when the company's core search and advertising assets transfer to Verizon. Yahoo board member Thomas McInerney will serve as CEO and Alexi Wellman will fill the CFO position after Yahoo completes the sale.

Thomas McInerney will take the helm of Yahoo once its sale to Verizon closes, but analysts predict he will have a fairly mundane job thereafter. McInerney was named the CEO of the company's remaining business — renamed Altaba — in a recent SEC filing.

Marissa Mayer will not be CEO of pieces of Yahoo that aren't being sold to Verizon, the company said Monday in a regulatory filing. It's not yet clear if she will remain with the search and news business that Verizon is acquiring. Mayer will receive a ...

Several days ago a Verizon exec seemed to suggest that the deal to acquire Yahoo was on the rocks, but that does not appear to be the case anymore. According to a report from TechCrunch who discovered a recent filing with the SEC, it seems that the deal ...

Yahoo (YHOO) CEO Marissa Mayer could receive a more than $23 million "golden parachute" payment as part of an exit from the company, including more than $3 million in cash and nearly $20 million in equity, according to SEC filings. She will remain at least ...

The parachute has a so-called double trigger, meaning that she gets it when there’s a change in control and she’s terminated without what the contract would define as a good cause. Thomas McInerney, a board member and former CFO of IAC/InterActiveCorp ...

Yahoo on Monday said Marissa Mayer will no longer serve as CEO, upon closing of the sale with Verizon, and Thomas McInerney will take over the newly spun off Altaba Inc, which includes holdings in Alibaba and Yahoo Japan. In a regulatory filing, Yahoo said ...

As Yahoo prepares to join Verizon, it has revealed an update pertaining to its Altaba spin-off that will oversee the company’s holdings in Yahoo Japan and Alibaba. When the acquisition deal closes later this year, Altaba will be run by Thomas McInerney ...