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/mu/ Thread Simulator

Sorry for the wait. Here's an entire week's worth of effort compiled into about 15 minutes. If this thing turns out to be shit, all I can say is that I just played the hand I ...

2015-07-23 14:55 278,219 YouTube

/mu/ Thread Simulator

This is pretty awful but I wanted to make it. Earthbound (NES) - Onett Theme Scooby-Doo (Sega Genesis) - Blake's Hotel.

2014-09-24 04:04 5,566 YouTube

4chan Winter Cup 2017 - /mlp/ vs. /mu/

2017-02-18 39:10 2,965 YouTube

/mu/ Sings - "Creep" by Radiohead

"The concept of Kid A? How about the concept of I kick your fucking ass" ~ Thom Yorke 4chan's /mu/ board singing "Crepe" by the Radioheads Thanks to ...

2011-08-09 04:13 46,065 YouTube

/mu/ in a nutshell

i am so sorry.

2011-12-12 00:32 70,605 YouTube

2014 4chan Summer Cup group B - /mu/ vs /ic/


2016-10-29 24:42 0 Dailymotion

2017 4chan Winter Cup semi-finals - /mu/ vs /vp/


2017-03-01 39:25 12 Dailymotion

2015 4chan Winter Cup group A - /i/ vs /mu/


2016-09-18 30:09 0 Dailymotion

2016 4chan Autumn Babby Cup group G - /mu/ vs /t/


2016-11-09 29:15 2 Dailymotion

2015 4chan Winter Cup group A - /mu/ vs /f/


2016-03-17 28:13 6 Dailymotion

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A title Death Grips would be proud of. Holy fuck, We (Le Memesters) is actually pretty cool sounding. The slowed down actual Kanye lyrics over that funky beat is nice. I wish more were like it, there's a bunch of subpar instrumentals on this. Pretty funny ...

Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression Wsplna 2/4, 00926 Warsaw, Poland CASE ID number: DS or DK number Szanowni Pastwo, Nie posiadam dodatkowej Eftps direct payment bworksheetb short form 4chan mu rebecca black Car insurance 21st century quote ...

CHAN BOARD POSTS PER HOUR ... TOTAL--/ 1693.61912 4chan /tv/ 1423.20720 4chan /r9k/ 1074.85439 4chan /mu/ 1017.62327 4chan /g/ 729.63720 8chan /v/ 633.79757 4chan /fit/ 489.18820 ...

4chan,/mu/,/b/,/v/,/pol/,Ashley Jones,/co/,/x/,/r/,/mlp/,/h/,/d/,/gif/,/k/,/fit/,,Emily Youcis,Alfred Alfer,Metalcore,Deathcore,The Devil Wears Prada,Asking Alexandria,Attack Attack!,We Came As Romans,As I Lay Dying,iwrestledabearonce ...

Hey Captpan I got a really good idea! Can you make a video where haruhi farts? :P lol I want to see one from you! capt, i like your vids and all, but i hate your haruhi poops. Theyre annoying and don’t make sense.

Were you affected by Hurricane Matthew at all? Well, why not? Joking aside, Birdo's always been one of my favorite Mario characters, so that's probably a factor. edited 24th Oct '16 10:59:40 AM by kablammin45 Larry? Yeah, Bob? He isn't even a water buffalo ...

4chan shows you how to get fit in style Alpha as Fuck is an expression used to describe a statement or action that can be characterized as overtly dominant or aggressive in nature. The phrase is often used ironically in green text stories or in reference ...

We play the album track "Suburbs" from the album on our podcast. Skip to the episode's outro, which you can stream in the source link below, and you'll hear it. The track was also featured, but way muddier and lo-fi, in the phone number campaign.