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Sageman (4chan Archive Flash)

Thought I'd add this to the channel, I ripped it from the flash file and added new audio to it. It was a pain to do but overall it was worth it. This is a classic so don't ...

2013-05-28 01:31 1,927 YouTube

A 4Chan Paranormal Experience /x

A 4Chan Paranormal Experience /x Link to Archived Post : Link to Video Discussed, Thank you ColdSteak for ...

2015-07-31 06:35 248,805 YouTube - 4chan Shippuudenz (HD)

A very historic and epic flash by =D Song: Hero's Come Back!! (performed by nobodyknows+)

2017-03-02 00:35 307 YouTube

Pool's Closed | 4chan VS Habbo - Full Version

The complete history of the Habbo Hotel raids. It's the most uplifting story about AIDS, pedos and stingrays you'll find anywhere on the internet. Patreon: ...

2017-02-11 09:41 298,200 YouTube

[ARCHIVE] Another Hacka ttack and apology to mlp on 4chan

Not bad, he indeed, did do a nice job.

2013-03-19 02:16 540 YouTube

2016 4chan Summer Cup Final match - /mlp/ vs /o/


2016-08-27 40:02 286 Dailymotion

2013 4chan Autumn Babby Cup group A - /adv/ vs /c/


2017-03-20 22:06 1 Dailymotion

2017 4chan Winter Cup group H - /soc/ vs /sp/


2017-03-17 29:03 6 Dailymotion

2017 4chan Winter Cup group C - /tv/ vs /toy/


2017-02-23 35:16 16 Dailymotion

2017 4chan Winter Cup group B - /f/ vs /c/


2017-02-22 34:29 8 Dailymotion

4chan Archive News

Here is 4Chan's explanation of how the story came to light: >/pol/acks mailed fanfiction to anti-trump pundit Rick Wilson about trump making people piss on a bed obama slept in RIGHT HERE, thanks to the 4chan archive of the original post from November 1st ...

There's no way to tell exactly how much influence 4chan has had on our culture. Besides, there's no real 4chan archive. Jokes vanish as soon as they're posted. You could never prove the connection. But it's there, as true as the maxim that for everything ...

We'll soon know for sure..! That's a 4chan archive, a storage of old posts and threads to view at a later date, which means it's unable to be edited. (No 4chan post can be edited anyway, only deleted.) As the fact that this thread was from earlier last ...

It appears that a number of 4chan posts in which this effort was discussed were deleted. A search of a 4chan archive, 4plebs, cross-referenced with Google search, showed the discussion developing underneath a link to a post about Google Jigsaw:

If you use/modify this just give credit to the github. These small scripts let you create your own little 4chan archive, without needing to use crappy advert ridden websites! (or overly worked on perl scripts, this is 4 hours work)

Just let that sink in, what we have become. OK, so some guy just said that, but where’s the proof? RIGHT HERE, thanks to the 4chan archive of the original post from Nov 1, talking about the whole plan to give the #FakeNews to Rick Wilson.

If there is, check the date on the reference pages. If it's 2008, let it go. You can still laugh and check YouTube and 4chan archive, etc but you've missed the boat. Your hipster friends forgot about it when Bush was President.

[ 4chan Archive] Archive of Ainsley in various vidya interpretations. [ ...