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Samhain - Initium FULL ALBUM 1984

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Samhain first full album. The year is 1984 (released exactly 30 years ago) and from the ashes of the Misfits came the beginning of a Gothic/deathrock band of the 80s. I would say this is more gothic rock than NCF. Even though I like NCF more I think this is pretty fucking good. All their albums are Ama-Zing (get it.... Steve... no... okay...) Anyways enjoy what is left of the end of the Misfits.... Glenn Danzig: Vocals and Guitar Eerie Von: Bass Steve Zing: Drums Featuring Lyle Preslar on lead guitar for Black Dream, Macabre, Horror Biz, and The Shift 01 Initium 02 Samhain 03 Black Dream 04 All Murder, All Guts, All fun 05 Macabre 06 He-Who-Can-Not-Be-Named 07 Horror Biz 08 The Shift 09 The Howl 10 Archangel I live Infinitus sleep has ended And I live again Beyond race Beyond religion Beyond man's fears I am the end Now is release Now comes revenge Now is the pain You think you've known pain You've known nothing Feel my touch Feel its pulsing surge Know the meaning of My gift Welcome it I live

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