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Around 20 US Military Veterans Commit Suicide Each Day, Department of Veterans Affairs States

2016-07-11 1,469 Dailymotion

According to newly released data from the Department of Veterans Affairs, 20 military veterans take their own lives every day. The study from which the numbers come is being described as the most comprehensive on veteran suicide rates to-date. It is for year in the making. VA analysts poured over more than 50 million veterans’ records, as well as data provided by the Center for Disease Control from all 50 states. Research from previous studies into veterans’ suicide rates only pulled data from 20 states. A more detailed report is expected at the end of July. The newly released numbers are marginally lower than the previously widely shared estimate of 22 suicides a day. But 20 veteran suicides a day highlights the ongoing psychological struggles many former service members face after the conclusion of their military careers. According to the Military Times, 2014 saw nearly 7,500 former members of the military take their own lives. That number represents 18% of all American suicides.