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School closings of Reseda, Los Angeles Top 6 Facts

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Facts : 1 School closings In 1982, the board considered closing Garden Grove Elementary School in Reseda
Facts : 2 In April 1983, an advisory committee of the Los Angeles Unified School District recommended closing eight schools, including Garden Grove School and Newcastle Avenue School in Reseda
Facts : 3 In August 1983, the board publicly considered closing Garden Grove, which had 176 students at the time, and Newcastle Avenue, which had 314 students
Facts : 4 In 1984, the board voted to close the Garden Grove and Newcastle Avenue schools
Facts : 5 A decade after the schools shut their doors, which occurred due to thousands of parents withdrawing their children from the Los Angeles Unified School District in the wake of mandatory busing, they were reopened
Facts : 6 With the advent of class-size reduction becoming the priority, many parents began returning their children to the city s schools, while the number of newly arrived immigrants was also boosting enrollments, officials said