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Understanding Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's Health Care Reform Proposals

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In which John Green compares the healthcare plans of U.S. Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. For more information about health and health care policy, check out Health Care Triage: SOURCES & FURTHER READING: Rand's analysis of the reform proposals of Clinton and Trump are nicely summarized here: Full analysis of Hillary Clinton's plan (who is the Democratic party's nominee) can be found here: And full analysis of Donald Trump's plan (who is the Republican party's nominee) can be found here: Understanding the Healthcare System of the United States: Why Are American Health Care Costs So High? The Kaiser Family Foundation explains the high cost of health care in the United States compared to other rich nations: And this series explores health care outcomes in the U.S. vs. other rich nations: The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) has resulted in a significant drop in the uninsured population in the U.S. Fuller data and complete report here: A single-payer health care system would not, in and of itself, magically bring costs in the U.S. down to 10% of GPD, as explained by Aaron Carroll here: Trump's plan to allow insurance companies to sell policies across state lines is extremely controversial among health policy experts: The Wikipedia article on Health care in the United States is also excellent: And lastly, this comparison tool from the Commonwealth Fund is pretty cool. It allows you to see side-by-side what Clinton and Trump have proposed to deal with various problems with the health care system: FIND OUT HOW TO VOTE IN YOUR STATE: Huge thanks to Rosianna ( for graphics and to Aaron Carroll ( for fact-checking. Any errors are my own. ---- Subscribe to our newsletter! And join the community at Help transcribe videos - John's twitter - John's tumblr - Hank's twitter - Hank's tumblr -