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ObamaCare Explained

2016-08-17 9 1 1,688 YouTube

SUBSCRIBE HERE!- ObamaCare or the ACA (Affordable Care Act) is a law that was enacted to ensure that every American has access to affordable healthcare. Spearheaded by President Barack Obama, the first parts of the ACA were passed by Congress in 2010. It's struggled for funding over the past few years, as an ever increasingly Republican Congress has tried to reverse the law whenever handed the opportunity. Of course, President Obama has vetoed every attempt to get rid of the act, but it has struggled. The basics of the ACA are that healthcare plans are reduced for some people, via discounts and rebates. Also plans are simplified for potential customers, and they are all offered through a government owned website to make it easier for customers. Plus, if a person has a pre-existing condition they can no longer be offered ridiculously high premiums or be refused healthcare based on this. As well as all of this ObamaCare has expanded Medicaid to pay for healthcare for some of the poorest Americans. In effect, ObamaCare is supposed to represent a medium between free market idealists and those who would prefer a fully state owned single- payer system. However the plan has struggled, with faulty websites and a great amount of criticism from free market idealists who claim that the plan is simply an example of increasing regulation and government interventionism that does nothing but force the cost from the poorest onto the middle-classes, whose healthcare premiums have skyrocketed. The plan has also taken a lot longer than expected and its overall effect minimised by constant alterations and defunding caused by opposing parties. A staple of President Obama's time in office, the plan remains controversial. It will be interesting to see what the future holds. Here is the transcript if you’re interested: ObamaCare, or the Affordable Care Act is a law than was enacted to ensure that every single American, regardless of age, sex or race has access to affordable health care. The idea was headed by President Barack Obama, and resultantly it’s named after him. Essentially, ObamaCare is supposed to represent a medium between a fully fledged market based healthcare system, and a government owned NHS esque system that still allows people to choose their own health package, but also prevents people from being abused by the system. ObamaCare supposedly does this By offering people discounts on government sponsored healthcare plans, and expanding the Medicaid system to ensure people who can’t afford healthcare are provided with it. As well as this, there are certain rules that insurance companies must follow to prevent people from being mistreated by the system. For example, people can no longer be refused insurance, or forced to pay huge premimumes simply for having a pre existing condition. The issue with ObamaCare is that some argue it has caused insurance premiums to skyrocket. Many argue that this is indicative of the whole idea, Obama simply wants to redistribute the cost of healthcare from the poorest to the middle classes, who are forced to pay more. However whilst there are some that argue ObamaCare has done too much, some argue it has’nt gone far enough. People like Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who argue for a single payer system say that ObamaCare doesn’t protect enough people and that a fully fledged nationalised healthcare system like the systems in Canada and the UK, would do just that. Yet President Obama continues to insist that he passed ObamaCare in its current form because he wanted a system that would appeal to both sides of the political argument and that he didn’t want to cause more division in the country. Still the argument rages on. If you liked my video, then please like, share and subscribe. Thanks for watching. Support My Channel By Shopping On Amazon! Sign Up For A 30 Day Trial Of Amazon Prime To Help Support This Channel! Follow Me Online! Follow Me On Twitter Like My Page On Facebook Subscribe To My Other Channel On YouTube Tags: obamacare,aca,obamacare explained,what is obamacare,affordable care act explained,patient protection and affordable care act,,kimmel obamacare,health insurance,supreme court obamacare,cma obamacare,daily show,ted cruz,snl obamacare,government shutdown,barack obama,medicaid,health savings,single payer,socialism,bernie sanders healthcare,paul ryan,donald trump,hillary clinton healthcare,defund obamacare,veto Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are my own and affiliates are Amazon. Thumbnail attribution belongs to