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Cardcaptors Ep1 Part2 (Hindi fandub)

2013-05-16 53 0 9,233 YouTube

As the title says. :) Sorry for making you all wait so long. What's it been, two weeks? Anyway, this was harder than the first part. But I loved voicing Kero! I know my performance is very inconsistent in both the main roles, and my acting as Sakura practically sucks at 7:29. XP Leaving all that and a few mistakes in translation and subbing aside, I hope that you like it! Cast: Kero, Sakura (Dialogues) - Varoon Sakura (miscellaneous vocal effects like Screaming) - Priyadarshini (my cousin) Songs: Fruits Candy (Hindi version) by Sakura and Kero (Madison is not here)