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Full Android integration with BMW E39 530i

2016-08-29 46 3 5,662 YouTube

This video is about my Car PC project. It is based on Odroid XU4 with Android Cynogenmod 12.1 (AOSP 5.1 Lollipop), the ROM was created by user voodik and can be downloaded here: For integrating with in-vehicle network I used Resler’s USB IBUS device I had to create a service that responsible for decoding IBus messages and acting appropriately. Some bugs were found in Android 5.1 Lollipop framework that were related to USB serial communication. Backup camera was implemented using AV to HDMI convertor with 2-port HDMI switch controlled by Arduino Pro Mini. I used Mousberry Car Switch 3A for power management to do graceful or postpone shutdown. I used USB GPS with external antenna, USB Bluetooth dongle (for internet sharing and streaming music from the phone), WiFi USB Dongle, Microphone for voice recognition.