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Tutorial - Excel - Phone Area Code to State (VLOOKUP)

2015-10-30 23 0 2,823 YouTube

Short tutorial explaining how to take a list of phone numbers and use the VLOOKUP formula to a state codes to the corresponding area code. Some of you who look for a way to easily convert area codes to states locations my find this very useful. I know for my purpose of converting phone numbers to locate which state a caller phoned in from is very useful. Easily done in Excel 2010, 2013 or 2016. The URL from where I got the states from is: The VLOOKUP formula used in this tutorial is: =VLOOKUP(VALUE(LEFT(A1,3)),StateCodes,2,FALSE) If you follow the steps closely this is a great example of using VLOOKUP, defining a table and referencing values to a column. I hope some of you find this useful. Thank you for watching!