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Emirates Boeing 777-300 Economy Cape Town to Dubai non stop flight review

2016-03-24 28 5 9,130 YouTube

Traveling on Emirates Airlines in Economy Class: Boeing 777-300 Cape Town to Dubai. All video using a Canon Powershot SX710 Camera. This review is of this 3 class aircraft, with First Suits, Business and Economy. I don't show the Suit section, but the business before entering the Economy section towards the back of the plane. This was my first time on Emirates and was really excited to knock it off the list. The food was half hearted, but we were in the lowest class, however the main course meal was hot. I think the competition within the other airlines, airlines want you to keep using them so even in low class you do get a pretty good overall flight, as the staff work hard making sure all passengers are getting the full service they paid for. The 9 hours or so went by pretty quick. Hope this video was helpful and a lil insight if you are taking this flight. Laters, JJ30.